NSCA Foundation Assistantship

The NSCA Foundation annually extends up to five assistantships to aspiring professionals eager to expand their expertise and advance their careers. These individuals will have the invaluable opportunity to collaborate closely with and be mentored by accomplished strength and conditioning coaches holding the esteemed NSCA Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach (RSCC) credential. These mentors are highly accomplished and educated, dedicated to nurturing the future wave of strength and conditioning professionals. Each recipient of this program will receive a $10,000 stipend, disbursed over a 5-month duration, in exchange for their commitment to working 40 hours a week.

  • Important Dates

    Applications will be accepted and reviewed by the NSCA twice a year. 

    Cycle 1
    Applications accepted March 2-October 1 (through 12pm MTN) annually
    Placement for Assistantship: January-May 

    Cycle 2
    Applications accepted October 2-March 1 (through 12pm MTN) annually
    Placement for Assistantship: August-December 

  • Qualifications

    Candidates chosen to be part of this program should demonstrate high levels of academic achievement and show a focus in the field of strength and conditioning. The following criteria will be considered when awarding assistantships:

    • Applicants must have completed a graduate or undergraduate strength and conditioning curriculum from an accredited college or university 
    • Applicants must be U.S. citizens 
    • Applicants have graduated from their undergraduate or graduate degree within the past 5 years. 
    • Applicants should be involved in the strength and conditioning field. Work and/or volunteer experience as an assistant strength and conditioning coach will be considered
    • Applicants must possess current certification as a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
    • Applications must possess a current CPR Certification 
    • Applicants must be current members of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (student or professional membership) 
    • Applicants must not be a RSCC 
    • The NSCA Assistantship program is not designed to serve as a ‘double dipping’ financial opportunity. Applicants may not:
      • Be already currently employed with their RSCC requests
      • Receive additional compensation from the company/organization/academic institution on top of the NSCA Assistantship stipend ($2,000 a month/$10,000 total)
    • Applications must be completed via the application portal (no paper copies or emails will be accepted)
    • Previous Assistantship recipients are not eligible to apply 
  • Assistantship Scoring Criteria

    Our Coaching Advancement Grant & Assistantship Committee Members will review the following items on our scholarship application: 

    • Grades/GPA
    • Courses Completed
    • Overall Academic Achievement
    • Strength and Conditioning Experience
    • NSCA Involvement
    • Honors and Awards
    • Community Involvement
    • 2 Essays (clarity, expression, goals, lucidity, grammar, and articulateness)
    • Recommendations
  • Assistantship Application Review Process

    Round 1: Application (~1-2 weeks)  

    Cycle 1 Applications Close: March 1, 12pm (MTN) annually
    Cycle 2 Applications Close: October 1, 12pm (MTN) annually

    • Applications reviewed/graded by Coaching Advancement & Assistantship Committee Members 
    • Applications that fall below the median grade will not move forward on to Round 2
    • Applications must be fully completed and submitted for consideration 
      • Application questions/requirements include Membership Number, CSCS Number, Resume, CPR Certificate, Transcripts, three RSCC Preferences (applicants will select their United States-based RSCC preferences from the NSCA's RSCC registry *International positions are not available at this time) 3 Professional Recommendations, Education History, Employment History, Athletic Experience, Public Speaking/Authorships and completion of 2 essays. 

    Round 2: Video Submission (~1-2 weeks)  

    • Applicants will submit a 3-minute video of them coaching a variation of an Olympic Lift and a 3-minute video of them coaching a back squat
    • Videos will be reviewed/graded by Coaching Advancement & Assistantship Committee Members. Areas of review will be: organization (provide a clear objective, teaching sequence, and time), presence (body language and setting), and Communication (voice, terminology, coaching communication style, and execution)
    • Applications that fall below the median video scoring will not move forward to Round 3 

    Round 3: Interview (~1-2 weeks)  

    • The final applicants remaining will be scheduled for a 30-minute phone interview.

    Round 4: Final Decisions (~1 week)  

    • The Coaching Advancement & Assistantship Committee Members will determine the final awardees based on applicant interviews.              

Career Achievements & Success Stories

Recipients of assistantships have progressed in their careers to secure positions at D1, D2, and D3 universities, professional sports teams, multiple Olympic committees, and other sports organizations. These roles encompass diverse titles such as Director of Athletics, Assistant Director of Athletics, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Performance, Director of Football Strength and Conditioning, PE Teacher and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports, Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Assistant Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator/Return to Performance Coordinator.

"The assistantship allowed me to learn, challenge myself, emphasize and embrace my passion, build mental toughness, and gain confidence in myself and my skills. Not only did I grow as a coach, I have been able to grow as a person, and I will continue to grow in my career. "
Haley Marquardt, Oakland A's
"I was given many chances to challenge myself and receive feedback about my performance so that I could make changes to improve. I worked hard to gain trust and opportunity. I am grateful for all that this assistantship has offered me!"
Benito Cecenas, University of Vermont

Assistantship Alumni

  • Assistantship Recipients
    4/2006-7/2006 Kristi May 1/2011-12/2011 Grant Stewart 1/2016-12/2016 Paul Moquin
    4/2006-12/2006 Eric Rinefierd 6/2011-5/2011 Benjamin Hoffman 1/2016-12/2016 Kelly Auner
    4/2006-12/2006 Brandon Schlotthauer 6/2011-5/2011 Grant Geib 6/2016-5/2017 James Malechek
    4/2006-8/2006 John Spurlock 1/2012-12/2012 Emily Enos 6/2016-5/2017 Adam Garner
    8/2006-12/2006 Bethany Gainey 1/2012-12/2012 Jonathan Mangel 6/2016-1/2017 Aubrey Jean
    7/2006-7/2007 Kimberly Pinske 1/2012-12/2012 John Mcgee 1/2017-7/2017 Casey Callison
    1/2007-12/2007 Eric Gibbons 6/2012-5/2013 Jeremy Trach 1/2017-9/2017 Jenee Lange
    1/2007-3/2007 Suzanne Snyder 6/2012-5/2013 Steven Mason 6/2017-5/2018 Sabrina Murphy
    1/2007-12/2007 James White 1/2013-12/2013 Ronald Dickson 6/2017-5/2018 Donald Trapp
    8/2007-7/2008 Adam Maronde 1/2013-12/2013 Katlyn Haycock 6/2017-5/2018 Paula Costa
    8/2007-7/2008 David Kapping 1/2013-12/2013 Alice Read 1/2018-12/2018 Gayfield  Tommy 
    10/2007-3/2008 Harold Rowald 6/2013-5/2014 James Stitz, Jr 8/2018-12/2018 Cody  Stahl
    2/2008-11/2008 Kaitlin Sweeney 6/2013-5/2014 James Walters 1/2019-5/2019 Benito  Cecenas
    04/2008-7/2008 Douglas Briggs 1/2014-12/2014 Paul Cipriano 8/2019-12/2019 Paul Woelmer
    8/2008-7/2009 Daniel Rickaby 1/2014-12/2014 Lexie Dulkis 8/2019-12/2019 Shannon Smith
    8/2008-6/2009 Kevin Schultz 1/2014-12/2014 Trevor Klump 1/2020-5/2020 Jenna Werking
    8/2008-7/2009 Alexander Guice 6/2014-5/2015 Dennie Wise IV 1/2020-5/2020 Danielle Sterner
    8/2008-5/2009 Adam Banwarth 6/2014-5/2015 Bret Miguz 1/2020-5/2020 Regina Stump 
    1/2010-12/2010 Albert Harrison 1/2015-12/2015 Benjamin Servais 8/2021-12/2021 Kevin  Long
    1/2010-12/2010 Eric Wiatt 1/2015-12/2015 Daniel Trautman 9/2021-1/2022 Cornel Johnson
    1/2010-12/2010 Kevin Wisham 1/2015-12/2015 Matthew Murphy 2/2022-6/2022 Amber Rummell
    5/2010-4/2011 Angela Dendas 6/2015-5/2016 Caitlin Prottas-Finn 8/2022-12/2022 Dieanna Prudholme
    5/2010-4/2011 Ryan Poulin 6/2015-8/2015 Steven Woodworth 1/2023-5/2023 Philip Bates
    1/2011-12/2011 Brian Charity 10/2015-12/2015 Adam Smith 1/2023-5/2023 Haley  Marquardt
    1/2011-12/2011 Lew Porchiazzo 1/2016-12/2016 Ronald Arellano, Jr 1/2024-5/2024 Spencer Manchuck
            1/2024-5/2024 Garrett Dabney

Coaches, do you want an Assistantship recipient?

We are often asked by Coaches, "How do I get my name on the list to have an Assistantship Recipient at my facility?" Within the application, applicants are provided a link to the NSCA's RSCC webpage where they identify their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice RSCC Coach they would like to work with. It is up to the applicant to decide where they want to be placed, and whom with. We do not place the applicant, the applicant tells us where they want to go. Unfortunately, there is no list to put your facility on to. If you are an RSCC, then you are already on the list that is provided for the applicants to select from. If you have any further questions, please email us at Foundation@nsca.com.

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